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Medical error is a preventable adverse effect of medical care, whether or not harmful to the patient. Usually it is related to an inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis or treatment of a disease, injury or other medical problems. Recent studies have shown that medical errors may account to around 251,000 deaths annually in USA.

A Second medical opinion is there to help you make Critical Health Decisions. When faced with important decisions regarding a medical condition affecting you or a loved one, it is common to obtain another expert opinion about the existing diagnosis and treatment plan. Being well informed about your healthcare options is a critical step towards gaining confidence and control over the treatment you choose. Recent data showed that Expert Medical Opinion lead to modifications in diagnosis in 45% of cases, avoidance of surgery in 39% of times and modifications of treatment in 79% of patients!

By seeking a second opinion from MyUSADr., you gain access to our US based American Board certified leading Specialists’ professional recommendations from the comfort of your own home. Following a thorough review of your current and past medical history, diagnostic tests and current medical reports, our world-class physician will perform a full evaluation to confirm your diagnosis and help you to better understand the targeted treatment options available to you like any US patient seeking medical opinion in a major healthcare center. They will communicate with you and address your questions and concerns regarding the current medical problem and proposed treatments plans.

USEMO specialists may also recommend additional diagnostic testing to determine a specific diagnosis. Based on the results, a variety of alternative treatment options may be discussed with you to help reduce recovery time, limit side effects, and result in a better overall prognosis.

The answers you need are now easily Available. Feel confident with your care and get Peace of Mind!

Connect with MyUSADr. physicians who will Review your specific case in detail, Answer your personal questions & Provide you with a comprehensive report. Personalized Care available at your fingertipshttps://usexpertmedicalopinion.comπŸ€—



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