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Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer, The Leading Killer!

Lung cancer is newly diagnosed in around 234,000 people/ year in USA!

It leads to 154,000 deaths/ year, hence accounting for 27% of All cancer deaths in USA, hence making it the leading cause of cancer deaths among men AND women.

Each year, lung cancer claims more lives than caused by colon, breast and prostate cancer Combined.

It is mostly seen in patients above 65 years of age and have Smoked at some time in their life. Some diseases such as asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and TB can increase risk of #lung #cancer by more than 50%. Other implicated environmental factors include pollution, asbestos, diesel exhaust and other toxins. Some genetic factors are also linked, as well as family history and radiation exposure.

Lung cancer loves smokers!

Smoking is the Greatest risk factor for developing pulmonary cancer. It increases risk of cancer by 25x and accounts as The cause of cancer in 85% of lung cancer cases. All kinds of tobacco, cigarettes, pipe, cigar, etc. are incriminated in Lung cancer causation. Moreover, the Longer you smoke, the higher the chance to acquire the disease. People with second hand smoke exposure account for 2% of cases

Many patients with pulmonary cancer may not exhibit any symptoms. Others may have symptoms related to local effects on lung tissues such as persistent cough, bloody cough, chest pains or voice changes. Some patients have metastatic disease and they present with generalized symptoms like weakness, fatigue and weight loss.

Lung cancer could be localized to the lung and its drainage system, or could be spread to other organs like Liver, Bones or Brain. It could be of different cell types too. These factors affect the treatment options and response to therapy.

Screening for lung cancer could be life Saving!

Annual Screening is recommended for people who meet the following criteria:

  • Age 55-80 years old
  • No signs of Lung cancer
  • Active smokers or quit within 15 years
  • Tobacco intake history of 30 years

Low contrast CT scan of the chest is the modality of choice to detect early lung cancer.

Early detection can save lives, as early disease is associated with higher chances of Cure. The treatment depends on multiple factors that are related to type and stage of cancer, as well on factors related to the patient’s overall health condition.

In recent years, there have been many advancements in the treatment modalities and techniques available to combat the disease. These treatment options are being offered to our patients as sole therapy or in combination to achieve highest cure rates. Surgical resection could be done minimally invasive and with lower morbidities (Dr. Tamim). Chemotherapy treatments are being tailored to minimize side effects. Radiation therapy is being delivered with more precision such as Cyber-knife treatment. Immunotherapy is being used to Target the cancer cells, and sparing normal lung cells.

Ultimately, our US Expert Medical Opinion  Specialists believe that the treatment for Lung cancer patients should combine the best treatment modalities available and tailor it to the needs and circumstances of the patient. This way we can Help our patients choose the medical path that is going to help cure their disease while maintaining their Quality of life.

MyUSADr. was created to assist you in making Critical Health Decisions. Our US based practicing Specialists provide Online Second Medical Opinion and Virtual Doctor visits to patients from all over the Globe. Feel free to reach out at any time..🙂.

Wael Tamim, MD, FACS
Cardiothoracic Surgeon

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