Low Back Pain Explained in 2 minutes!

Low Back Pain Explained in 2 minutes!

Low Back Pain Explained in 2 minutes!

Low Back pain is a Pain!

More than 80% of adults will experience low back pains at least once in their lifetime.
It affects more than 3 million people/year in the US, is the most common cause of job-related disability and is a leading contributor to missed work days.
It’s Main causes are: Inactive Lifestyle, Poor posture, Injuries, Smoking and Obesity

How can I Prevent back pains?

Regular low impact Exercises like walking and swimming🚶
Back Stretching and lengthening exercise
Core muscle Exercises
Healthy lifestyle and Weight
Good sitting and standing Posture
Avoid smoke as it causes Spine Aging

When should I get worried about my lower back pains?

If caused by severe Injury or Accident
Pain Radiating to lower extremities or causing Limitations of movement
Lasting more than 3 months
Associated with Systemic Symptoms like fevers and weight loss

Do I need Surgery for my back pains?

Most of back pains are relieved with Rest, Ice/ Heat packs. Stretching exercises and over the counter Pain killers 🙂
More severe cases may require Physical Therapy, Epidural Injections or Spine Surgery.

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