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A landmark study conducted by Harvard researcher led to the discovery of 6 key factors that make people have a Happier & Longer Life. Pleasantly surprised by the results, it is interesting to note that these factors they found are achievable by anybody seeking them. 

1- Avoid Smoking and Alcohol
Smoking and Alcohol abuse at early age were the #1 Predictive factor of poor physical and mental health.

2- Education is Good
Pursuing Education correlated with self care and perseverance. Any kind of education was as good. Ultimate education level or degrees didn’t make a difference.

3- Happy Childhood
The more a child was Loved, the higher the chances of Higher income as adult, Irrespective of their social class. But even if that was not in the cards, love and support coming later in life heals the wounds.

4- Healthy Loving relationships
Happiness is Love. The more you are surrounded by Love, the happier your life gets. That could go both ways, by providing it and receiving it. A Healthy Social support system in our lives is very Important for our well-being.

5- Mature Coping skills
The social skills to deal with stress in a Healthy way. These skills are recognized as social virtues by most societies too!
– Treat others like you want to be treated
– Artistic creation of ways to resolve conflict
– Patience and positive thinking
– Humor

6- Giving back
The ability to Give back to a community in any way or form. The more you give, the more you get..🙂

Essentially, The study showed that our Emotional well-being and our Relationships play a Major role in the Quality and Quantity of our Lives.
It is not Money, Social status or Achievements what lead to a Good Life. Things that we can more or less achieve, with variable degrees of effort, constituted the recipes for A Happier Long Life. 

MyUSADr. wishes you and your loved ones Health and Happiness.

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