Guess What Happens when You Stop Smoking? MyUSADr./ Second Medical Opinion/ Online Doctor

Guess What Happens when You Stop Smoking?

Stop Smoking and a series of healthy changes will start taking place in your body immediately.  Stop smoking and a series of healthyStop smoking and a series of healthy
Our US Expert Medical Opinion Specialists wanted to share the following facts with you.

In the first day after you stop smoking, your heart rate drops and your Bloodstream Carbon monoxide levels drop to normal.

Within 1-3 months, your risk of heart attacks decreases, and your lung function starts to improve.

By 1 year, your added risk of heart disease is decreased by 50%, and your shortness of breath and coughing are markedly improved.

At 5 years, your stroke risk is same as non smoker🀘

At 10 years, the risk of getting cancer is markedly decreased, including lung, throat, mouth, esophageal, pancreatic and kidney cancer. The risk of lung cancer is cut by half.

15 years after you stop smoking, the risk of coronary artery disease is same as non smoker.

Congratulations from  MyUSADr.…You cured yourself. πŸ‘

For more information about lung diseases and their treatment, go to Dr. Tamim

MyUSADr. was created to assist you in making Critical Health Decisions. Our US based practicing Specialists provide Online Second Medical Opinion and Virtual Doctor visits to patients from all over the Globe. Feel free to reach out at any time..πŸ™‚.

Wael Tamim, MD, FACS
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
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