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Coffee, How much is Too much?

Coffee is the most commonly used Stimulant in the world. Hundreds of Millions of people start their day by drinking a cup of coffee. It usually wakes them up, boosts their energy, helps them focus and may give them a temporary High.

Luckily, multiple studies have showen that Coffee does have some health benefits! It can potenially reduce risks of some diseasese like Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Parkinson’s Disease, Uterine cancer and Gout. It has been showen to be associated with overall reduced risk of death when consumed in Moderation.

In addition to its stimulant effects on the central nervouse system, Coffee prevents damage to our DNA by its antioxidant and anti inflamatory effects. It just makes your body work harder and faster.

Ultimately, the effects of coffee become detrimental to your health if consumed in Excess. Research have found that 6 cups per day is the tipping point. People who drink 6 or more cups a day are at increased risk of having Heart diseases, by up to 22% .

So, keep enjoying your morning coffee and couple more a day if you wish…πŸ™‚

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