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Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm, Facts and Endovascular Treatments!

Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm (TAA) is a bulge in the Aorta, the largest vessel carrying blood to the rest of the body.They are relatively rare, occurring in 10 / 100, 000 people with around 20% of cases linked to family history of aneurysmal disease. The definite causes of the disease is still unknown, but some genetic connective tissue diseases and family...

Immunotherapy, A Promising Future in Cancer Treatments!

Immunotherapy, A Promising Future in Cancer Treatments!

Immunotherapy refers to Biologic treatments of cancer that allows your immune system to defend the body and attack the cancer cells. These drugs make your immune system work harder or makes it easier for it to locate and destroy the cancer cells. Hence, it has Less side effects than other treatments. It also potentiates the effects...

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Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer, The Leading Killer! Lung cancer is newly diagnosed in around 234,000 people/ year in USA! It leads to 154,000 deaths/ year, hence accounting for 27% of All cancer deaths in USA, hence making it the leading cause of cancer deaths among men AND women. Each year, lung cancer claims more lives than caused...


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