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Coffee, How much is Too much?/ MyUSADr./ Virtual US Specialists!

Coffee, How much is Too much?

Coffee is the most commonly used Stimulant in the world. Hundreds of Millions of people start their day by drinking a cup of coffee. It usually wakes them up, boosts their energy, helps them focus and may give them a temporary High. Luckily, multiple studies have showen that Coffee does have some health benefits! It can potenially reduce...

soda is bad for your health

Soda is Not your Friend!

Soda is a drink that typically contains carbonated water, a sweetener and a natural or artificial flavoring. Other additives like caffeine, coloring preservatives and other chemicals may be mixed in it. People that drink soda regularly had an average increase of 1.8 lbs of visceral fat in their bellies. An amount equivalent to a 24...

Mitral Valve Disease/ MyUSADr. / Virtual US based Specialists

Mitral Valve Disease

Mitral Valve Disease refers to diseases of the mitral valve that separates the chambers of the left heart, ventricle and atrium. It is mostly mitral stenosis (blockage), mitral insufficiency (leakage), or mitral valve endocarditis (infection). Treatment could be conservative, minimally invasive intervention or surgical. If you have mitral disease, our Specialist at USA Doctors would be...

Aortic Valve Disease/ MyUSADr./ Second Medical Opinion/ Virtual Doctors

Aortic Valve Disease

The Aortic Valve separates the left ventricle of the heart from the aorta. Hence, it is the valve that affects the flow of blood from the heart to the rest of the body. Multiple disease processes affect this valve mostly leading to Aortic Stenosis with obstruction to the flow of blood out of the heart,...


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